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Sean Hinton

Future-proofing Your Workforce with Leading AI Technology

SkyHive Founder and CEO Sean Hinton will demonstrate how Quantum Labour Analysis, a unique application of artificial intelligence, can reinvent our understanding of labour markets, identify future and emerging skills, and facilitate individual-and company-level reskilling to build a future-proof workforce.

Co-Founder and CEO

Ben Rempel

Welcoming and Supporting Newcomers: A Lesson From Manitoba

Ben Rempel, Former Assistant Deputy Minister, Immigration and Economic Opportunities, will explain how Manitoba has worked with businesses and municipalities to attract and retain skilled immigrants to fill over 160,000 positions. He will explain success factors and present examples of unexpected value added by means of integrating and including new Canadians in businesses and communities.

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Former Assistant Deputy Minister


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Amélie Nadeau

Integrating Newcomers: Corporate and Community Culture

Amélie Nadeau, Human Resources Director at Olymel in Clair, New Brunswick, will share her secrets to success when she presents her reception and social integration strategy for immigrant employees and their families at Olymel and in Clair’s community of 800 people.

Human Resources Director


Catalyzing Innovation

Identifying, Attracting, and Retaining Talent

in Order to Be Competitive

Virtual conference

Ottawa 2020

 October 30, 2020 - 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Main partners

Ontario Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development

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Catalyzing Innovation 

Identifying, Attracting, and Retaining Talent in Order to Be Competitive


Virtual conference


October 30, 2020

1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.



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For more information, feel free to contact us: fcarpe@lacitec.on.ca

Event characteristics

Event characteristics

The virtual, bilingual event, “Catalyzing Innovation: Identifying, Attracting, and Retaining Talent in Order to Be Competitive,” will provide solutions for businesses that are concerned about their growth potential and that are experiencing issues related to the labour shortage.

The goal is to inform participants about opportunities, resources, and best practices so that they can do the following:

  • Determine their needs in relation to skilled labour to ensure the future of their business in a global context of economic turbulence.

  • Develop strategies and use appropriate resources to fill positions with good candidates who are immigrants.

  • Attract and retain immigrant employees.

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La Cité

The Centre de développement professionnel et entrepreneurial, an integral part of Collège La Cité, is a centre of expertise that offers a vast range of personalized training and business development solutions in order to meet current and future labour market needs.


We provide you with access to a substantial number of graduates, to job seekers through various French-language pathways adapted for employers, and to over 200 bilingual consultants and instructors, who are skilled and experienced, which allows for offering a range of professional training and high-quality services.


It is important for an organization’s human resources plan to be directly related to its strategic plan. A human resources plan serves to identify future needs and establish whether, through the expertise of existing staff, the business will be able to meet them. Too often, businesses leave it up to employees to individually identify their training needs, without a comprehensive view of their strengths and weaknesses. However, for set strategic objectives to be met, it is important to be able to measure employee skills overall in order to identify the skills that have been acquired and those that need to be developed.

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Skills Catalyst Fund


Receive a free employee skills analysis by means of artificial intelligence.

The Skills Catalyst Fund project supports the development and implementation of innovative workforce development projects that test new and emerging ideas and approaches to labour market challenges.

With our partner SkyHive, we are helping businesses benefit from artificial intelligence to establish their specific training needs.

Target audience

The target audience of this initiative is mainly Ontario employers that are growing or at risk because they are experiencing labour shortages, whether they are private businesses or municipalities.


  • Determine needs in relation to skilled labour to ensure the future of your business in times of economic turbulence.

  • Develop strategies and use appropriate resources to find the right candidates for positions through immigration.

  • Attract and retain immigrant employees for the long term.


Are you interested in participating in this project and, as a result, benefiting from a free employee skills analysis by means of artificial intelligence? Contact Francine Carpentier—she will be pleased to provide you with more information: fcarpe@lacitec.on.ca.

This project has been made possible through the support of the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development.

Internal workforce skills analysis and protection 




SkyHive’s labour market intelligence is geo-located and time-stamped, which enables the most timely and accurate assessment of labour market conditions. It captures industry- and geo-specific labour market trends for both emerging and in-demand skills and delivers this rich data through an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform. It provides a powerful, side-by-side comparison with an organization’s existing workforce and allows for accurate forecasting of future requirements.

By providing unprecedented visibility and granularity in relation to the industry baseline, SkyHive allows businesses to uncover their competitive strengths and to proactively address identified and potential gaps.

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